FIMFS is an organization that had metamorphosed into a 23-member institution from the original five chartered members in 1968. Composed of public and private institutions of higher learning in the Philippines that are involved in marine and freshwater sciences, the federation is committed in bringing closer partnership among institutional and individual members. The collegial sharing of research outputs, facilities, resources and expertise is central in its quest for a true partnership.

The FIMFS annual scientific convention is one of its major activities hosted in turns by instiutution members. The convention serves as a venue for exvhange and updating of research outputs, as well as a platform for mentoring young budding scientists. Tis year's 49th annual FIMFS convention will be hosted by ZSCMST with the following convention aims:


Stronger bonds for further bounds towards sustainable aquatic ecosystem, food security and economic development

2017 Host University

Zamboanga State College of Marine Sciences and Technology (ZSCMST) was established in 1956 as the Southern Mindanao branch of the Philippine Institute of Fisheries Technology (PIFT), the predecessor of the U.P. in the Visayas - College of Fisheries. In 1965, the SMSF became the first fishery school under the Department of Education to attain college status by virtue of R.A. No. 3434 and was renamed Mindanao Regional School of Fisheries (MRSF) and in 1980, was included as one off the eight project institutes that were developed into Regional Institutes of Fishgeries Technology (RIFTs) through the Sixth Education Project of the Philippine government with a US$38 million loan oackage from the World Bank.
In 1986, the collge was granted its charter and the mandate to develop and implement courses in fisheries, maritime technology, marine sciences, develoment managment, food technology and computer science with issuance of P.D. No. 2020 converting the then MRSF-RIFT into the Zamboanga State College of Marine Scviences and Technology (ZSCMST).

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